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US-2008037448-A1: Establishing a floor grant in a push-to-talk over cellular communication network patent, US-2008052230-A1: System and method for dividing a remittance and distributing a portion of the funds to multiple investment products patent, US-2009001189-A1: Fluid discharging apparatus and fluid discharging method patent, US-2009280219-A1: Capsule with sealing means patent, US-2003236502-A1: Collapsible syringe cartridge patent, US-2004050450-A1: Cryogenic coupling device patent, US-2004110535-A1: Communication system patent, US-2004123569-A1: Automatic reclosable bag filler patent, US-2005116079-A1: Level wind winch cable tensioner patent, US-2005178089-A1: Vacuum hose storing device patent, US-2005287297-A1: Apparatus and methods of making nanostructures by inductive heating patent, US-2006063964-A1: Micro electromechanical machine-based ventricular assist apparatus patent, US-2006087014-A1: Bolster plate assembly for processor module assembly patent, US-2006239201-A1: Active probe target management patent, US-2007214080-A1: Intermediary payment system and method patent, US-2009214917-A1: Fuel cell, fuel cell stack, and method for manufacturing fuel cell patent, US-2009276932-A1: Shock absorber for a forearm protecting device patent, US-2004133600-A1: Rechargeable media distribution and play system patent, US-2004232011-A1: Ultra-flat box for insert patent, US-2005035345-A1: Semiconductor device with high-k gate dielectric patent, US-2007012457-A1: Underbalanced drilling applications hydraulically operated formation isolation valve patent, US-2007029384-A1: Radio frequency identification tag with tamper detection capability patent, US-2008008607-A1: Linear Compressor And Corresponding Drive Unit patent, US-2008063085-A1: Post-processing for decoder complexity scalability patent, US-2009048931-A1: System and method for managing related accounts patent, US-2009283994-A1: Serviceable assembly for seatbelt integrated deployable cushion patent, US-2009294062-A1: Plasma reactor with plasma load impedance tuning for engineered transients by synchronized modulation of a source power or bias power rf generator patent, US-2010025190-A1: Conveyor for conveying and buffering articles patent, US-2003209447-A1: Generation and delivery device for ozone gas and ozone dissolved in water patent, US-2004156415-A1: Electrically controlled uniform or graded reflectivity electro-optic mirror patent, US-2004229552-A1: Anionic abrasive particles treated with positively charged polyelectrolytes for CMP patent, US-2005088563-A1: Optical apparatus having dust off function patent, US-2005205237-A1: Keel cooler with fluid flow diverter patent, US-2006191689-A1: Dual elevator system and method patent, US-2006293177-A1: Composition and method for reducing chemical oxygen demand in water patent, US-2007054003-A1: Syntactic tunnel core patent, US-2007260774-A1: Wrapper for Use with Global Standards Compliance Checkers patent, US-2008071524-A1: Method for speech coding, method for speech decoding and their apparatuses patent, US-2008297158-A1: Gradiometric Directional Metal Detector patent, US-2009211832-A1: Exhaust of a motor vehicle patent, US-2004249856-A1: Automatic task generator method and system patent, US-2005162913-A1: Method of reading NAND memory to compensate for coupling between storage elements patent, US-2005238020-A1: Network with flexible multimedia data routing patent, US-2006027659-A1: Integrated exit window and imaging engine patent, US-2006194861-A1: Cyclooxygenase-2 selective inhibitors, compositions and methods of use patent, US-2008142230-A1: Enzyme enhanced oil recovery (EEOR) for water alternating gas (WAG) systems patent, US-2008177669-A1: Methods related to engagement of service providers patent, US-2008274932-A1: Composition for in situ manufacture of insoluble hydroxide when cleaning hard surfaces and for use in automatic warewashing machines and methods for manufacturing and using patent, US-2009025186-A1: Eyeglass and other personal items holder patent, US-2009153250-A1: Method and system for scaling supply, device size, and load of a power amplifier patent, US-2009252821-A1: Method and apparatus for fabricating three dimensional models patent, US-2003229644-A1: Accounting for references between a client and server that use disparate e-mail storage formats patent, US-2003234194-A1: Protective shield for a patient control unit patent, US-2004001986-A1: Perforated cylindrical fuel cells patent, US-2005101441-A1: Safety balance device patent, US-2006287816-A1: Methods, systems, and computer program products for indicating a return route in a mobile device patent, US-2009039172-A1: Sprayer docking station and monitoring system patent, US-2009116903-A1: Barrier gate with torque limiter patent, US-2009135317-A1: Addressable backlight for lcd panel patent, US-2010020070-A1: Three-dimensional imaging using a luminescent surface patent, US-2004020881-A1: Methods and apparatus for securing board athletic equipment patent, US-2004088791-A1: Method and apparatus for positioning a patient on a table for a medical procedure on a breast patent, US-2004152503-A1: Method, system, and program product for providing predetermined-prize bonus round play in a game patent, US-2004240545-A1: Weighted overcomplete de-noising patent, US-2005271857-A1: Therapeutic sports towel patent, US-2005273762-A1: Systems and methods for dynamic menus patent, US-2008254623-A1: Methods for growing low-resistivity tungsten for high aspect ratio and small features patent, US-2009085144-A1: Photoelectric conversion device, method of manufacturing photoelectric conversion device, and image pickup system patent, US-2009225221-A1: Flexible router patent, US-2009278364-A1: Combination chopstick utensil patent, US-2005006544-A1: Ribbed mounting bracket for heat exchangers patent, US-2005142511-A1: Cooperating bridge burner system patent, US-2006228997-A1: Apparatus for polishing edge surface of glass substrate for magnetic recording media, and process for producing glass substrate patent, US-2006262793-A1: Method and system for handover between service delivery platforms by following content patent, US-2007289093-A1: Adjustable hinge patent, US-2008015498-A1: Systems and devices for soft tissue augmentation patent, US-2008062221-A1: Modular self-capping wide format print assembly patent, US-2008086445-A1: Methods, systems, and computer program products for optimizing query evaluation and processing in a subscription notification service patent, US-2004049279-A1: Inter-vertebral disc prosthesis for rachis through anterior surgery thereof patent, US-2004089548-A1: Microfluidic matrix localization apparatus and methods patent, US-2008075871-A1: Low temperature, moisture curable coating compositions and related methods patent, US-2009090516-A1: Tubular liner patent, US-2004199692-A1: Apparatus for use in a computer systems patent, US-2005064272-A1: Fuel cell flow field plate patent, US-2006292376-A1: Coating composition yielding abrasion-resistant tintable coatings patent, US-2008000202-A1: Vertical Form,Fill and Seal Packaging System patent, US-2009179061-A1: Adhesive tape dispenser and applicator patent, US-2005070516-A1: As-needed administration of an androgenic agent to enhance female desire and responsiveness patent, US-2006182833-A1: Adjustable length mold assemblies patent, US-2007130183-A1: Methods, systems, and computer program products for associating computer-system-accessible resources using behaviors patent, US-2008216454-A1: Horse blanket patent, US-2004112974-A1: Block valve with integral refrigerant lines patent, US-2004257341-A1: Systems and methods for interfacing with computer devices patent, US-2007125929-A1: Interlocking, interchangeable support base system patent, US-2007154080-A1: Determing capability of an on-line sensor patent, US-2009262006-A1: Moving-entity detection patent, US-2009266551-A1: Low profile internal tree cap patent, US-2004015574-A1: Multimedia communication management system with external system management patent, US-2005061331-A1: Sanitary arm sleeve structure patent, US-2007002356-A1: Image forming method and system using XHTML-Print data patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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